Recover and Change Microsoft Account Password

June 21, 2017

Including Skype,, Xbox Live, and OneDrive, Microsoft is offering a wide range of messaging services. You are using any of the listed services and you have forgotten your account password. Here, in this page, we will tell you about the password recovery process. Before the beginning of your password recovery, you should check whether you have turned on the Caps Lock button. Turn it off and try to make the account login again.

How to recover Microsoft account password?

1.Liftoff the [Reset Your Password] section to begin the process

2.Go inside it and choose the reason you need your password reset

3.Click [Next] then

4.Here you need to enter the Microsoft account email address you are willing to recover

5.You will now get a blank box and a set of characters on your screen

6.Fill up the box with these characters

7.Click [Next] then

8.You will get a one-time code to your alternate email address

9.It can also be received to alternate phone number

10.If you enter this code accurately, you will be able to make a new password

How to change Microsoft account password?

  • You can change your Microsoft account password by accessing the Xbox 360 console.
  • To start it, you will need to make Microsoft account [Sign In].
  • Move inside the [Settings] section after that.
  • Here you will get a chance to select the [Account] icon.
  • Hence, you have to select [Account Security].
  • The option [Change Password] will be found and accessed now.
  • It will ask you to enter the new password twice alongside the old password.
  • Click [Save] to save the new password.
  • This is how you can change Microsoft account password easily.

No problem if you didn’t like the given process or faced any difficulty in applying it. Microsoft Technical Support is ready to assist you with a different method or methods. As it is empowered with brilliant technical team and years of experience, it helps the account users in recovering their accounts. If you get in touch with this technical support, you will be provided with a long range of password recovery options. No doubt, Microsoft account password forgot is a genuine issue. That’s why it requires an early assistance.

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