Purge Deleted Messages in Outlook

May 5, 2017

To get rid of surplus attachments and files, it is recommended to delete the stuff in an effective manner. Sometime it may happen when a user deletes specific message, IMAP does not delete it instantly and neither it is moved to deleted folder.

In such scenario, it is recommended to purge delete messages in outlook completely. If user thinking what is protocol to purge deleted message, a user can straight away give a call on the outlook toll-free number.

Have a glance on the set of instructions as illustrated below:-

Steps for purge deleted messages in outlook

  • First of all, user is required to have quick access to Outlook
  • User is required to open Folder option in outlook menu
  • Hit click on Purge available in clean up section


  • User is required to choose Purge marked items which are available in account
  • Proceeding to next step, user is required to hit click on Advance tab option
  • This option is available at top position of Internet setting wizard box
  • User is required to check the box available next to purge item


  • Once done, the user is required to hit click on OK option to close the wizard.
  • This helps in eradicating all the deleted messages from IMAP account in a successful manner

Steps for purge deleted messages in Outlook 2003

  • User is required to hit click on Edit purge message from menu
  • Moving further, hit click on Yes option
  • User is required to select Tools/Customize from menu
  • Moving ahead, hit click on Command option
  • User is required to choose Edit option available under categories
  • Now user is required to swiftly drag purge items to accounts
  • Once done hit click on close option

Similarly, the user can proceed with Outlook 2007,2010 and 2016 user can automatically purge items from folders if they already have IMAP account in an effective manner. For further clarification of if any doubt persists user can straight away place call on outlook helpline number to get a proficient solution in a jiffy.



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