Pinterest not working on Chrome

November 27, 2017

Pinterest is a famous social networking site. This site is used for saving and storing videos and images. This one provides an online board facility because of which you can also create your own board on Pinterest according to the choice that you like. The users of the website or app Pinterest can also interact with one another after they have created their accounts on the website Pinterest. This website also provides much more security to the users just like any other social networking site does. It also supports the sharing of the content online. Pinterest also provides services really fast to millions of its users.

Although the website or app of Pinterest is really easy to use and with that, it also provides the services that are of really good quality, there can be times when you open this website on your web browser Chrome, there can come up some problems like not loading or some other technical issues with the website. That can be really irritating. But all you need to focus on to is how to fix the issue that has just erupted out of nowhere. So, for fixing the issue that is irritating you, you just have to follow the steps that are mentioned below so that that irritating issue can be fixed and you get to use the website again on your web browser Chrome.

Pinterest not working on chrome issue is related to hardware acceleration like WP dashboards as well.

  • Fix hardware acceleration issues.
  • To fix: Open More More and then Settings > Show Advanced Settings > System.
  • Uncheck the box next to "Use hardware acceleration when available".
  • Restart Chrome.

Steps to fix Pinterest not working on Google Chrome

  • First of all, try opening the website in some other browser and see whether the problem still persists. With this, you will get to know which one has the problem, Chrome or Pinterest.
  • Then, you just have to uninstall the web browser Chrome and after some time installing it again.
  • After the web browser is reinstalled, go to the settings option and then clear the cache and remove all the saved cookies on your web browser.
  • After you are done clearing the cache and removing the cookies, enable the JavaScript on Chrome browser.
  • After doing so, simply update the browser.
  • You have to do one thing and that is to disable all the extensions available and use only one that is very much suitable for the Pinterest.
  • Now, you can browse in the private mode of the browser as it provides more security.

By following the above steps, your problem regarding the Pinterest not working on your web browser Chrome will be surely solved. In case it’s not, you can contact the customer service also. 

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