Permanently Disable or Delete Google+ (Plus) Account

April 28, 2018

How Google+ Account Can Be Deactivated Permanently

Google+ has been finding a unique networking site launched by Google, has got a mixed set of opinions.A number of people are there who praises Google+, but a number of users don’t like it as the way, they should be.When you are using Google+ account but get bored of it, you can go for other social-networking services that will be quite enough for you to connect with your friends? If you want to get rid of Google+ and don’t want to get Google+ notifications, for now, it will be a better idea to disable it.

It is required for you to know that that, disabling the Google+ service associated with Google account will only remove.It ensures that none of the other Google related services will be hampered in this process.

Steps To Permanently Disable or Delete Google+ (Plus) Account

Here, you can see guidelines to permanently remove Google+ account:

  • It is first required for you to open your Google+ page.
  • Tap the profile photo that appears at the top of the page.
  • There is a menu that comes up, tap the option of "My Account".
  • From the new page that opens, tap the option of "Delete your account or services" under the "Account Preferences" section.
  • Select the option of "Delete Products".
  • You will see the lists of Google products which you are using including Google+. You will get the option to download all data which contains the uploaded pics.
  • You should tap the delete icon against Google+.
  • After this, you will get the confirmation popup.
  • You should go down to bottom, there is a need to check "Yes I understand...." and tap "DELETE GOOGLE+" button.

If any of you didn’t find the solution suitable according to you, it is required for you to contact Google customer service team.These technicians are certified and qualified enough to provide you with best solutions.Customer service team will first try to understand your problem and suggest you with a unique result oriented solution.When you will take technical assistance from live experts, you will be charged a fee in exchange for getting help.It is really easy to pay that amount, it will not disturb your budget.At the same time, if you didn’t find the solution helpful, you will not be forced to pay even a single penny.

When you want to go for other options, live chat and email service can be the best choice for you.You need to do email to the team of experts or you can do chat with the experts on other ends by using the chat option.If you using Google account for free, and don’t want to spend money, frequently asked questions and tech support columns will help you a lot.

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