Permanently Delete a Facebook Account

February 9, 2018

Facebook, as we all are aware is one of the major and the most utilized social networking site that is famous all over the world. People can create their Facebook account with the account making steps and can access it whenever they wish to.

On the other hand, if any time the user feels the need to delete their Facebook email account permanently then for this they are required to follow the steps for it. Deleting the Facebook email account permanently will remove the user's account and for accessing it the user again needs to create their account.

Steps to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account

Furthermore, if the user wants to delete their Facebook account then they need to follow the below-mentioned steps :

  • For deleting Facebook account permanently, first of all, the user needs to visit the Facebook’s deletion page.
  • If the user is not signed in to their Facebook email account, then they need to enter their username and password and should sign in to their account.
  • Once the user is on the deletion page they need to select the option namely Delete my account that is mentioned below the message on that particular page.
  • By selecting on this a new pop up window will get opened on the screen.
  • Now the user again needs to enter their Facebook email account password in the password field that is mentioned at the top of the page.
  • After this, the user is supposed to enter the captcha characters in the required space.
  • Once the captcha code is entered, the user needs to select on ok.
  • Now the user needs to select on deleting your account. The deletion of the Facebook account will take up to 14 days to remove it permanently.

Therefore, by processing the above-mentioned steps, the user will easily be able to delete their Facebook email account permanently. These steps need to be followed in the correct way so that the account gets deleted in the proper manner without any error.

On the other hand, if the user experiences any issue or any glitches related to these steps, then they can also contact facebook support team and can talk with them whenever they wish to. The concerned executives can be contacted by calling on their respective numbers and by availing it from the official site of Facebook.

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