Night listening mode on Roku

November 22, 2017

A very successful and highly demanded media player in which music, videos can be streamed are called as Roku. The product is designed and developed by Roku Inc. which is a Japan-based company. Lots of features have been introduced while manufacturing the Roku player. People can adjust the volume by dragging into the night listening mode.

Night listening mode is an audio feature which available on some Roku streaming devices.

It allows Roku user to watch movies and TV shows without disturbing others nearby

Note: Night listening mode is only available in stereo.

The system runs via internet connection either via wired or WiFi connection. The best data output can be obtained by connecting the device through an audio cable, video cable etc. The device can be connected to any television set with appropriate input connection. The products are extremely easy to use and the quality sound is quite admirable.

  • Enable night listening., starting from the home screen, at Settings > Audio > Night Listening Mode.

Night listening mode is available on the following Roku models:

Roku Premiere (Model 4620)
Roku Premiere+ (Model 4630)

Step to limit the volume by enabling night listening mode:

  • Hit the Home button on the Roku remote first of all.
  • Scroll up and down and choose the Settings option.
  • Choose the Audio option and then proceed further.
  • Now the user will see the option Night Listening mode and enable night listening mode.
  • Keep the thing in the mind that if the selection is not listed in the Audio menu, then your Roku device does not support night listening mode.
  • Tap on the OK button on your remote to enable night listening mode.

These are the steps which work properly also you can enable night listening mode during playback. In case of any glitches, you can directly ask for the help from any authentic and experienced source that will help in your need. When a movie or any TV show is streaming at that point of time you can enable Night listening mode from the options menu.

Enabling night listening mode during playback

While playback, you are required to hit the Star button on your remote and choose On or Off for night listening mode.

What are benefits of enabling night listening mode?

The volume of the device adjusts automatically. Users get the pleasant sound quality while streaming video and audio both. Roku is one of the best sound qualities streaming device and thus confined millions of users worldwide. Roku is a Japanese name whose meaning is Six. The name Roku identifies the sixth company of the group of company. In case you are still away from this then you are recommended to use this product and services at least once.

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