Missed scheduled post error in WordPress

June 7, 2017

Wordpress is a Content management system and provides various plugin, template, and widgets which allow the user to do the blogging in an easy way. The key feature of WordPress is Scheduled post, means you can post your blog at a specified time and for the same you don’t have to be in front of the computer. If you want to go for vacation or for any reason you can’t post your blog at that time, then you can schedule it and the scheduled blog will be posted at the specified time.

Causes for WordPress Missed Schedule Post Error

  • Getting low traffic
  • WP-CRON doesn’t load

Solution WordPress missed schedule error

What if you missed out this feature and see “missed scheduled post error in WordPress” on your computer screen. The first method is, you can dial to the WordPress toll-free number and get the assistance or else follow the second method which we have mentioned below.

  • Getting low traffic: - Once your WordPress site is getting very low traffic, then the cron job doesn’t get triggered.
  • Install WP missed schedule: To do the same, go to the plugins, select add new and then install wp missed schedule, after installing activate the same.
  • Wordpress also offer WP Crontrol plugins which are very useful for WP missed schedule. This plugin allow you to view and control the Wordpress cron system, to do the same you go to the admin panel and there you can add/remove/edit/ the cron events.

If further, you are getting problem regarding the installation of plugins then approach to the Wordpress technical support. The team has hands-on experience in solving these kinds of issue.

WP missed schedule allow you to check the post and the missed schedule also.
After activating WP missed schedule, you can see missed schedule, failed future post and much more in the dialogue box of that plugin.

If you want the daily visitor in your blog and they should not miss any post, then install WP missed schedule plugin and schedule your blog if you are on holiday.


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