Microsoft Edge is not working on windows 10

January 29, 2018

Microsoft is the most prominent and multi technological company giving high support to the user at the higher end. The different services are provided to the user and this creates an impressive effect to the user.

The effectiveness can be seen when the Microsoft provides different applications such as the Microsoft edge, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft media center. The specialty of the Microsoft that user is given the speed of access and the latest transformations that Microsoft is having is the latest updating time to time brings a limelight to the interface.

The company drives to offer the newest applications and the innovative effect to the user. The advancement in technology makes a valuable reputation across the globe. The dominance that the market has a demand can get fulfilled by the Microsoft customer support team of experts.

The Microsoft edge is the advanced internet browsing application that is provided by the Microsoft cooperation to get the latest trend of the features and the functionalities that are taking place with a foremost ability to do the task in an easy way. The helping nature of the Microsoft can be triggered out and this can help the user to do the task more efficiently. The leading technology-based firm can help the user to do the task in a simple way.

Microsoft Edge is not working

There are various issues that the user faces while working on the Microsoft Edge and can resolve with ease and the best possible solution can be obtained to the user by following the certain steps:

STEP 1: Restart the System

The user must restart the System or PC and then reopen Microsoft Edge. You also Refresh pages again to do the work in the efficient mode.
                                                         Start button > Power > Restart.

STEP 2: Install the Updates

User must now download the updates that are given to the user by the Microsoft cooperation so that the latest Microsoft edge can work properly in a static manner
                                Start button > Settings > Update & security > Windows Update > Select Check for updates

STEP 3: Clear browsing history

Sometimes Your browser automatically saves temporary Internet files to help pages load faster. By clearing this cache files will sometimes fix page display problems.

STEP 4: Clear all browsing data

User can delete the browsing data and the cache that is taking place using the browsing process and by clearing the previous scoops helps the user to speed up the internet browsing

STEP 5: Repair or Reset Microsoft Edge

User also has a preference that the user can achieve the working of the Microsoft edge by resetting or the repairment of the Microsoft edge and this maintenance comfort the user
                                                       Settings > Apps > Microsoft Edge > Advanced options.

STEP 6: User must go the help center to the “Cortana” application that gives an advanced option to the user to get the latest trend

Thus, the user can get the latest help by contacting the Microsoft Edge customer support team and the quick solution is given to the user at high priority and the nourishment can be achieved to the user and functioning of Microsoft edge is possible.

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