Make website for beginners on wordpress

August 21, 2017

Make your website on WordPress with these provided steps !!

Websites nowadays have become the best way to increase and to expand any business or any specific industry so that more and more people can get to know about it and can make use of the products that the company is offering. For this, the users have to make their websites regarding their company on the internet. Making a website is really a complicated thing and many users look for questions like how to build a WordPress website on the internet. But with the use of Wordpress, one can easily make their websites and can start their online business whenever they wish to and for any issue contact WordPress support.

For making any website, there are certain things that the users require to start the procedure for creating a website. Without the basic requirements, the users will not be able to create their websites. Therefore, things that the users need to start making their Wordpress website are as followed :

  • Firstly the users will require a domain name. A domain name is the most beneficial thing and is the name of the website. It can be,, etc.
  • The second thing that the users require is the WordPress hosting. This is the place where the users will have to save their files on their website.
  • After this, the users then will need certain time so that they can thoroughly understand the Wordpress.

Therefore, if the users are new and don't know about the process to create their websites on it then they need not worry, as there are steps that the users require to follow so as to make their websites. The more time the users will give in creating the website the more interesting and useful the website will be created for the users. So, let’s know about the process for making a website on WordPress.

How to create a WordPress website for beginners!

  • First of all the users are supposed to choose for their website platform. The users need to choose for HTML, cms or anything according to their preference.
  • Then, the users need to set up WordPress. For doing this the WordPress can be downloaded from its official site as it's free of cost.
  • By doing this the users will get into the pricing page from where they need to select the pricing plan for their website according to their preference.
  • Once the pricing plan is selected the users then will be required to select a new domain name.
  • After this, the users need to enter some of their information like their full name, address, their email address and so on.
  • Then the users need to finish their purchase by completing their payment.
  • Once the payment will be completed the users will get an email which will give the details about the log in process.
  • Go to that link. That particular page will be the user’s dashboard where they’ll manage their WordPress account.
  • Now the users need to install Wordpress.
  • For this go to the C panel menu and from there select the website option.
  • There the users need to select the WordPress icon that is mentioned there.
  • Go to the Bluehost market place quick install and further select on the get started option.
  • Click on the domain name where the users want to install WordPress.
  • Now, enter the website name, admin user name, and password.
  • Once entered, select on install option.
  • After the WordPress is installed the users will get a success message on their dashboard.
  • The users then can simply go to their WordPress login page and can sign in with their user name and password.
  • After this, the users can also select a theme for their website so that it looks attractive.
  • Now, the users need to add content to their site. This step should be done very carefully as the contents will only provide the details of the website and will provide information to the other users.
  • Users further can also customize their WordPress according to their wish and preference.
  • Hence, these are the correct steps that the users need to follow so as to make their websites on WordPress. The steps mentioned above will enable the users to create their websites in a very easy way and will help them to make their business flourish in every way possible.

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