Linux Web Hosting

June 6, 2018


Linux web hosting is basically famous all over the market for the amazing solutions it provides to the online website holders. Linux web hosting is also referred to as the LAMP and it is called so because it has got a standard configuration of the Linux, Apache. MYSQL and the PHP. So it basically allows you to build websites as well as other activities like running the servers and hosting the administration plans and all this you can do by using the Linux operating system. There are a number of platforms available for the users in the market and hence using this means you will get the extra benefit like the flexibility to take the excellent advantage of using open source technologies such as the PHP PYTHON, XML etc.

This is the service that basically has gained the momentum because of the best stability and other things like flexibility and security that it offers. Not only these things attract the users, apart from this the low cost as compared to others makes it one of the best choice when it comes to selecting a good web hosting service in the industry.

Some important things to look for in a Linux Hosting plan:

  • Reliability - look for 99.9% uptime
  • Security
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Access to open-source software
  • Bandwidth
  • Storage
  • Backups
  • Monitoring


Now many wonder about the reason behind this logo of the company. This is basically a penguin called Tux that was basically created by Larry Ewing years back. The interesting story behind this logo says that the original creator of the Linux was once bitten by the penguin and the word tux is basically the abbreviation for the tuxedo or most commonly known as the penguin suit.

Now since a number of operating systems are available to use and that too all are promising the best features and hence it becomes really tough to choose which one is the best to go for. So you can simply refer to the pros as well as the cons of the Linux operating system that are mentioned below. Reading those things will definitely clear all your doubts.


  • This system is highly affordable.
  • It basically supports most of the hosting companies and hence has a large market share.
  • One of the best things about this operating system is that it is one of the open source operating and hence new innovations are being added to it every day.
  • It is the only operating system that has very less threat from the hackers and hence you never have to worry about the hacking issue and the antiviruses.


  • Any language that is basically developed in the windows languages will not run on the servers of the Linux operating system and hence it limits the users of the Linux operating systems.
  • Another disadvantage of this operating system is that .NET will not work on this operating system until you do some adjustments which will ultimately make the web hosting a lot costly.
  • Apart from the disadvantages mentioned above, there are no other disadvantages and hence this operating system is still the preferred choice when it comes to the selection of the web hosting.
  • With the passing time, the Linux hosting has become more famous as well as dominating since a lot of new management, as well as maintenance tools, are being introduced so that people do not feel touch to use the Linux servers.


When you think of the possible reasons behind the immense popularity of the Linux operating system then you do not have to think much since the reason are very clear to the world. One of the prime reason is free of cost service. You do not have to pay anything for using the Linux as the operating system.

Other reasons are that the other key pieces of the software are also totally free to use i.e Apache, MYSQL and PHP all are open sources and free to you. So you need not have to bother about the money while using this operating system.


So if you are looking for a perfect host plan then the few points mentioned below will definitely help you to find one:-

  • The hosting should be highly reliable or we can say it should look at the 99% uptime.
  • Along with that, you can also expect the all the round security along with a good bandwidth and storage.
  • You will also be getting a user-friendly control panel along with the free backups for all the data.
  • And one thing that will make this plan worth going for is the access to all the open source software and this makes it the most desirable hosting service.

Other things that can attract you to go for this service are mentioned below-

You will be able to use various software such as WordPress, Dreamweaver, PHP, MySQL, Python, Perl, CGI if you are using the Linux operating system. So once you decide that you want to use any of the software mentioned here then for you the best choice is to go for the Linux operating system. So this article has explained all related to the Linux operating system and its web hosting plan and hence if you are looking for the one then you have to go for this for sure without any doubt.


Learning few things about the history of a product helps you to gain more trust in it. So Linux operating system was basically developed by the very famous software engineer Linus Torvalds back in 1991. It was basically developed by using the source code of the other operating system which is known as the Unix. The only difference that you will find between both is that the Linux is the open source one while Unix is the licensed one. And hence the free of cost as well as the open source nature of this operating system has made it so popular among the users.

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