Limit Number of Archive Months in WordPress

August 3, 2017

What is Wordpress :

WordPress is basically the ‘content management system’ which is also known as the CMS. This service is found as the open source over the internet. It basically works on the basis of the web server. It actually acts as the base in the process of website development.

Steps to Limit the Number of Archive Months Displayed in WordPress

Now suppose if someone is blogging from many years the user may notice that its blogging list has been become too long to be managed. So, below mentioned steps have required a method to limit your number of archive months which are displayed in your WordPress. Follow all the below-given procedure just step by step and hence can get the full detailed information regarding your issue.

Solution 1: With the help of plugin one may limit their number of archive months

  • This is the most common and one of the easiest method which could be easily understood and executed by the common user.
  • To do this, the user needs to first of all download and install the Collapsing Archives plugin.
  • Now after downloading you need to make some required changes and settings with the WordPress plugin.
  • For that, one should make the required activation in the WordPress plugin, and that is as follows.
  • First of click on the Plugin options, then to the ‘Appearance’ and then hence move to the required next step.
  • Then after look for the ‘Widgets’ page, where you need to add the ‘collapsing archives widgets’ that too at your side bar of the page.
  • Now one can expand the widget menu to show the settings option.
  • When all done, then click on the ‘save’ button.

Solution 2: User can replace the default Archives with the Compact Archives

This solution is quite good and even more attractive to represent your page. IT basically beautifies your display and even provides the much better way of representation over the internet.

  • For this, a user needs to install and hence activate the ‘compact Archives’ plugin.
  • Then for the activation purpose, one needs to follow up the required steps as follows.
  • Go to the ‘Appearance’, and then to the ‘widgets’ page.
  • There add the ‘compact archives’ widgets in your side tool bar.

Solution 3: Manually limit your number of Archive months in WordPress

  • For getting the solution through this process one needs to run and then add the required coding to your WordPress theme files.
  • This code will then fetches up the archives list and then limit it to some required months.

So, if any one is suffering through any of the common error or trouble through the WordPress then one should directly contact to the WordPress support employee. 





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