iTunes not Detecting iPhone

November 30, 2017

The number of user for iPhone has increased rapidly. iPhone users are required to create an account on iTunes to use various features of iPhone like music download. However, the process to create an account on iTunes is easy but many times users face technical issues that may be complex or may be simple to fix. If iTunes stops working or your iPhone is not getting connected to iTunes then you won’t be able to get your photos, music, videos, files and other important docs from your iPhone.

However, this is a common issue when iTunes doesn't detect iPhone. But it requires quick response to get it fixed. Some start looking for solutions on the internet while the wise users directly contact iPhone tech support team immediately to get it resolved. You can take help of variously available software too if you know how to fix the issue.

Why can iTunes not Detect iPhone?

There are few reasons that restrict iTunes connecting to iTunes. It includes:

  • Outdated version of iTunes (Update iTunes)
  • Unsupported cable
  • Outdated driver for iPhone (Update device driver)
  • Issues with your computer port etc.

How to fix the issue?

If there is failed connection between your iPhone and your computer then the issue may exist. It will show you error “iTunes cannot detect iPhone”. You need to fix the issue by following way:

Method 1:- Unsupported cable

  • Remove the connecting cable from your iPhone and your computer.
  • Now plug in the cable in your iPhone and computer USB port tightly.
  • Check your computer USB port for any damage or error.
  • If there is still error and iTunes is unable to detect the device then try another USB port.

 Method 2:- Update iTunes

  • If the issue remains same, then update your iTunes program.
  • Open iTunes and go to “Help” menu.
  • Click on “Check for Updates”.
  • If an update is available, install it.

 Method 3:- Update Device Driver

  • If the issue still persists, then update the device driver.
  • Run Windows update and then try connecting iTunes to iPhone.
  • If this method also fails then completely turn off the computer and restart it.
  • After restarts, open iTunes and now connect it to iPhone.

There may be other issues that can be a headache for iPhone users. Users enjoy working with their iPhone. They use iTunes to backup photos and music. But in their bad time, iTunes stops working or there occurs other issues with their iPhone that requires helping hand then iPhone tech support is available through a toll-free tech support number. 

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