Install WordPress with Nginx on Ubuntu 17-04

August 2, 2017

Wordpress is quite dominant in the sphere of writing Blogs, Web content and general articles. It works as a most popular open source content management system which is available with the number of latest versions of Wordpress website. If we discuss Wordpress versions 4.6 codenamed paper which released since many times in the views of using this website through the users perfectly. 

It is the perfect website for the users who can just push the update button to upgrade to 4.6. This type of the Wordpress website associated with the number of features as follows:

  • Inline link checker.
  • Native fonts.
  • Content recovery.
  • Resource hints.
  • Meta registration API and much more.

All above-mentioned features might be quite necessary for a user while working on the Wordpress website. So if you are one of them who tried to install Wordpress software, on any kind of devices without creating any issue.  

Thus, if you are one of them going to install Wordpress from the scratch by using Ubuntu 17.04 software then you are at the right place where you can obtain the correct information on how to go through the procedure with the simple tutorial provided by Wordpress support technical expert who fixes the issues in a very short span of the time.

Steps on how to install Wordpress with Nginx on Ubuntu 17.04 as follows:

  • At first, open an Ubuntu device and then click on the log in Ubuntu button.
  • Click on the updates software and then follow the steps and go to the command.
  • wget .gz finally.
  • Create the Nginx server methodically and then follow the on-screen procedure.
  • Download the CSV file to extract the archive item using the below command.
  • tar xvi latest.tar.gz then after a new directory will be created in the current working directory showing in Nginx web root and then move all files under Wordpress to it.
  • Start the command and then sudo mmk dir /usr/share/nginx/ and then follow the on-screen instructions now.
  • Having installed Wordpress you can create the data base and user for the Wordpress website.
  • For making database in the Ubuntu enter the MySQL -u root –p
  • And then enter create database WordPress and then set up the password through the command.
  • Grant all privileges on WordPress.* to wpuser@localhost identified by 'your-password';
  • And then give the full privileges and press the exit button at the end of the procedure.

If want any other necessary help and information, visit Wordpress support center that is on around the clock to offer an assistance in all respects.

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