Improve Contrast Using Local dimming on Roku TV

October 25, 2017

Roku TV is a relatively simple, fast, and easy to use platform; it is smart in multiple ways. If you have a smart Roku TV, you can improve the contrast performance settings by using the local dimming feature. Moreover, you can use these features to enhance your picture quality as well as colors quality of the picture. But, you should know these functions are not available in all the models available in the market.

How do I adjust the local dimming on your Roku TV?

If you want to adjust the local dimming on your Roku TV, you can find the "Local Dimming feature" in the advanced picture settings. You can also see the advanced picture setting option inside the Menu.

  • Press the [Start] button by using your remote control
  • Open the [Options] menu then
  • Afterward, you need to scroll down and find the [Advanced Picture settings] option
  • Click on the [Dimming Section] then
  • Your Roku TV doesn’t support this smart feature if you are unable to find this section
  • We now suggest you select the [Local Dimming] effect level
  • You can quickly do it by the use of remote control

In addition to this, you can quickly adjust the local dimming setting by using the default setting options such as off, low, medium and high.

High: Local dimming enabled with large dimming range.

Medium: Local dimming enabled with medium dimming range.

Low: Local dimming enabled with small dimming range.

Off: Local dimming turned off and the backlight is no longer controlled individually by each zone.

You can use the left and right buttons to choose the local dimming effect level on the directional pad on your Roku TV. You can easily find this directional pad on the center of your remote controller device.

How do I use local dimming?

Roku TV models have a structure of backlight which can be divided into the multiple parts such as LED or tiny light. The Functionality of its featuring component depends on the lighting and contrast of the screen. Remember, once you set the local dimming enabled, it will adjust the brightness and contrast for the better picture quality.

How do I enable other Picture settings in local dimming setting?

When you enable the local dimming, it will automatically turn off the dynamic setting for your Roku TV.

One more thing, whenever your Game mode is enabled, it will automatically turn off your local dimming setting. However, the detailed information about the same can be availed by dialing the helpline number introduced by Roku management. It is fast in providing the services and incredible in helping the users.


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