How to Travel from Paris to Spain

June 12, 2018

How to travel from Paris to Spain?

France and Spain are neighbors sharing boundaries and cordial relations. Both the countries have rich heritage and culture that attracts thousands of travelers from both the sides to visit each other. So much so that Spain is one of the most visited tourist spots among French people. Due to popularity of Spanish culture, language, sites, architecture, and monuments, there are many ways to travel to Spain from the heart of France that is Paris.
To travel from Paris to France, one may take a flight, a bus or a train. The process for each alternative is discussed below

1) Traveling from Paris to Spain via Plane

Many airlines have flights to Spain from Paris and one can check the same in their websites. The most famous flights are Air France and Spanish airlines. In order to secure a good deal on flight ticket booking, once must plan their travel in advance. For that, make sure to follow the steps below:

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  • Plan the dates of travel before at least six months of travel date  
  • Check the hotels near and around the Spanish city of your arrival. The major cities include Madrid, Barcelona and San Pablo 
  • Make sure to use your credit card to its maximum advantage to get the points and use reward points to book flights.
  • Check for the hotel flight combo to save on a good deal in the flight booking.
  • Check for web check-in, baggage policy, and hotel cab service
By following the steps above, one can be sure of booking a good deal of flight. Plan your travel in advance in order to avoid any delays

2) Traveling from Paris to Spain via Train

  • Since France and Spain share a long border with each other, there is a connecting rail service that is a good option if one does not want to travel to Spain via Aeroplane. Many train services are available from Paris to all the major cities of Spain including Barcelona and Madrid. 
  • Once can simply book a Eurail ticket from Paris to Spain and enjoy the scenic beauty on a train journey. The trains are comfortable and provide a good amount of onboard services. Plus you get to enjoy the scenic beauty which is a plus. 
  • Trains have different classes and based on them will be the dare. If you wish to book a comfortable train, you need to shell out more but for cheap travel, you can get a ticket as low as 100 USD
Make sure you get a Eurail pass to enjoy maximum benefits on the ticket booking.

3) Traveling from Paris to Spain via Bus

 A lot of bus services are also available to and fro from Paris to Barcelona. Book in advance to get the best deals. The bus journey is a little hectic though

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