How to Sign in to iCloud from iPhone or iPad or Windows PC

March 6, 2017

Define Icloud

Icloud provides the user's facility to save their work and access the same whenever required. It includes media files, songs, videos, documents and other data which they can store in the iCloud.

Icloud is password protected which helps to save the recorded files and could not be accessed by anyone else. Users are required to create an email for iCloud which is used to access their profile.

Apart from this, users can also avail the iCloud mail customer support for getting a solution for any issue they face with the iCloud email. The experts would be there to provide the best solution to them and help them to overcome their issue.

How to sign in to iCloud

  • In order to sign in to the iCloud, users need to go to the mail section of
  • For signing in users need to have an email address which could be created by going to the settings>icloud and then turn on the mail option after which follow the on-screen instructions. 
  • Their users need to give the username and set a password as well as provide other information. 
  • For creating apple ID on mac, users need to go to the menu option and then select the system preferences option and click on icloud and then mail option.
  • Go to the sign in page and enter the email address and password to sign in to the apple mail.

Sign in to iCloud mail from iPhone or iPad

Users can also sign in to the icloud mail from their iphone/ipad for which they need to go through some simple steps.

  • Go to the settings option on your iphone/ipad
  • Select the option of mail, contacts, calendars
  • In the accounts section, select icloud
  • There you need to enter your icloud email address followed by the password
  • A verification code would be send on your mobile number which is to be used to access the account

Sign in to iCloud mail from the Windows PC

With using the iCloud mail from windows PC all the data, files, music, videos, pictures and all other media would be automatically updated to an apple device. In order to use iCloud with Windows PC, users need to go through the given steps

  • Download icloud for windows and if it doesn’t install automatically then go to file explorer and open icloud setup
  • Restart your computer
  • Make sure that the icloud is open and if it is not so then go to start open apps and open icloud for windows
  • Enter apple ID and sign in to icloud
  • Select the features and content which you want to keep up to date across your device and then click apply
  • These steps will help users to make their icloud account work on windows PC also.

Icloud mail technical support

The technical support team for icloud is available for the users to provide them the solution for all the issues they face with the icloud mail. Apart from above mentioned steps, if users have any other issue while working with the icloud mail then also users can access the support team and ask for the solution of the issues.

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