How to Restore Data from iCloud and Mail Drop on iCloud

March 14, 2017

Restore data from iCloud

For all the apple products, users have the facility to store their data, files, media and other content on iCloud. This content could be used by the users whenever they need it on their device. Users need to register their apple email ID which is used to access the iCloud and work on it. The backup stored in the iCloud could be used anytime by the users to get its access back.

In order to restore data from the iCloud, users need to go through these given steps

  • On your apple device go to settings
  • In the settings option go to general and then select software update
  • If a newer version of software is available then install the same
  • Make sure that you have backup to restore from for which go to settings option
  • Go to iCloud then storage and then manage storage option and then select from the listed device
  • Go to settings>General>Reset and then select the option of erase all content and settings option
  • From the apps and data screen select restore from icloud backup option and sign in to icloud

After going through these steps users would be able to restore the data from the apple device which will help them to get the access of the content. Users should do regular backup of the content which would help them to keep their work secured and accessible whenever they are in need of it.

During the restoration process, if users face any issue with it then they are required to contact the icloud customer service which will provide them the solution for their issues they face during the backup process.

How to mail drop on icloud

A mail could be dropped by the users on iCloud which could help them in their emailing purposes as well. It enables users to send attachments also from their mail on iCloud.

In order to drop mail on iCloud, users need to go through these steps

  • In the iCloud mail click the action pop-up menu and then choose preferences
  • For sending large attachment click composing and then select the option of use mail drop when sending large attachments
  • Select the option of done
  • To simply add an attachment, click on the attach button at the top
  • Select the files you want to attach
  • Click on the attach button to begin the uploading of files

If there happens to be any issue with the attachment of file or any other issue which user face with the attachment of file then they can immediately contact the icloud technical support team and get the suitable support from them related to their issues.

The iCloud technical support team is always there for the users to provide them the solution for their issues and let them continue their work easily. Users can also visit the support page of apple which will help them to get different articles, videos, discussion and option to chat with the experts to get the proper solution for their issues and overcome their issues easily. 


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