How to recover the iCloud account password on iPhone and iPad?

March 24, 2017

iPhone or iPad users can store their emails, contacts, data and information in iCloud using the same Apple ID credentials. iCloud provides mega storage space and easy syncing with all Apple devices. iCloud account security is also top class and it is also advisable for the Apple users to store all their data in iCloud.

Now it might happen that iCloud user is trying to login to the account but is unable to log in. In most of the scenarios either user is entering an incorrect password or the account has been blocked for security issues from the iCloud support end. The best way to recover the iCloud account is by resetting the iCloud account password. Here is this article various steps will be prescribed for the change of account password without login.

Here are the steps for iCloud password reset –

  • Open the apple login page in the Safari browser.
  • Click on ‘Forgot ID or password?’. Next enter the ‘Apple ID’ and click ‘Next’.
  • Now iCloud or Apple user need to confirm the identity either by using email authentication or by answering Security Questions.
  • Select Email Authentication and click ‘Next’. Apple sends an email to the alternate email address.
  • Check the mail account for the Apple message of How to reset Apple ID Password. Click on the ‘Reset Now’ link.
  • Click on ‘Reset My Password’ and enter the Apple ID. Click on ‘Next’ to move forward.
  • Now choose Security questions as the security authentication step.
  • Answer the security questions correctly and click ‘Next’.
  • Fill the fields for ‘New Password’ and ‘Confirm Password’.
  • Now click on ‘Reset password’.
  • As the new password is set use the new account login credentials for login to the iCloud account.

Here are the steps for iCloud password change through 2-step verification –

  • Visit the Apple login page on the Safari browser.
  • Enter the Apple ID and tap on ‘Next’.
  • The iCloud user will be having the Recovery Key given at the time of enabling 2-step verification. Enter that key and tap on ‘Next’.
  • Verify the identity and enter the verification code. Click on ‘Next’ to move forward.
  • The user can enter the new iCloud password now and click ‘Next’.
  • Once the confirmation message is received use the new login credentials to login into the iCloud account.

Not to log in to the iCloud account even after password recovery? Not able to change the iCloud account password without login? Dial iCloud recovery number to contact the support expert for iCloud password reset. Remote troubleshooting will be done to change the account password and change the password without login.

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