How to protect your iCloud account

March 31, 2017

Let’s know about the best ways to protect your iCloud account

Because of daily hacks and malware attacks, billions of internet users say no to grasp basic security precautions which make their account error-free. Have you ever thought about the security of your iCloud account? If your answer is no, then read this article very carefully and apply the following steps. You can also get iCloud customer support from the highly skilled technical experts.

Use a something new and unique password

It is one of the quickest, straightforward and easiest ways to perform, where you can change your password in a different manner.

  • Always use 16 character password which contains numbers, symbols, uppercase letters, lowercase letters and special characters.
  • Use a unique password which is free of dictionary words, usernames, Ids, pronouns and any other predefined number or letter.
  • Never use your previous password.

Turn on two-factor authentication

Two- factor verification also called two-step verification. If your iCloud account is utilized from any anywhere, then it will send a confirmation code to your device.

The second code that is generated in real time, when any person trying to access your account would not be capable of getting in, even they have your iCloud username and password. You will get a text message alert when someone trying to access.

Follow Apple’s instructions for setting this up – and read on before you log out.

Use a password manager

It’s very easy to create a strong password but also very hard to remember. Then Password manager is a space where you can save all your password. It encoded logins for the majority of the websites you utilize. So, you can access all your account with a single password.

For any further inquiry or questions, dial iCloud helpline number and avail the relevant information from the team of technical experts. These numbers are available at 24/7 hours.

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