How to Obtain a PayPal Debit Card

January 4, 2018

Get to know about the process for obtaining PayPal business account debit card !!

PayPal provides its services under the PayPal Holdings, Inc. and is basically an online money transfer gateway. PayPal holdings, Inc is an American company that now has thousands of clients from all fields for getting through the online money transfer process. This is totally a new initiative that helps the people to transfer their money to other accounts with the use of internet facility.

There are also various companies that now utilize the services of PayPal for their money transfer. This service is also considered as the world’s biggest payment companies that act as a processor for completing the money transferring process. PayPal is now being tremendously used by several commercial sectors, companies, vendors etc for their payment gateway.  

On the other hand, PayPal also provides its debit card for instant online money transfer that the people can obtain for their use. The PayPal MasterCard is very beneficial and is an easy way to the PayPal account users for their money transfer. This debit card is accepted all over the world and can also be used in ATM’s for withdrawing money. Also, this card can be used in particular stores where they accept money from PayPal mastercards.

Therefore, if people are willing to get a PayPal debit card for their use, then for this they are required to obtain one. A PayPal debit card can be obtained by various methods that are stated below in this article. There are certain steps that people need to follow to get a debit card and that includes:

Change to a PayPal business account :

If you want PayPal MasterCard or the debit card, first of all, people need to change their personal account to a PayPal business account. This has to be done as the debit cards are not provided to people who don’t have their business accounts. Instead, this debit card is only given to people who have a business or a premier PayPal account.

Therefore, if people are willing to upgrade their personal account to business then they need to :

  • Firstly, people need to sign in to their personal PayPal account. 
  • Then they need to select an upgrade to business account option that is mentioned on the lower side of the personal account’s screen. 
  • People then can make the changes for their business account and can enter their new email address and profile name. If not then they can also access their business account from the old details as well.
  • Also, the user can change their personal account to a premier account so as to make the use of their debit cards. This account is basically for the user who has a big transaction process and works simply as a business account.

Create Paypal business account :

  • First of all, people need to go to the PayPal official site. If the user is accessing it from their phones then they need to open the PayPal application. 
  • Then, people need to go to the homepage of PayPal and should select the sign-up option that is mentioned on the right side of the page.
  • Now, user's need to click on the button that is mentioned on the side of business account menu.
  • Once this is done, user's need to select the standard account or the Pro account. The standard account is absolutely free, but the user's selecting the Pro account has to pay $30 per month for this service.
  • The user then needs to mention their details in the required space. The email address, profile name and also the PayPal identity should be entered correctly for the next process. 
  • The further user is supposed to make a password for their account
  • If required, the user can even link their debit card, credit card or any bank account with their business account.
  • Then, the verification needs to be processed and the account will not get accessed until the user has verified their account. User's need to go their email and should select the verification link. 
  • When the email verification is done, user's need to verify their bank accounts linked to the PayPal business account.

Sign up for the PayPal business account :

When the user's PayPal business account is created they should then sign up for the debit card. For signing up the following steps needs to be undertaken by the users:

  • First of all, go to the home screen of the account and select tools. 
  • Click on all tools option. 
  • From there select on PayPal debit card option and go to the next step. 
  • Now the user is supposed to enter their personal details like birth date, social security number etc
  • Also the user's need to verify their contact number and address.
  • The user then needs to select on agree and continue and should submit their form when it is entered correctly. 
  • After submitting the form, the user needs to wait till the card gets approved. 
  • Once the card is approved, the user will get it in their mail and will also get a hardcopy of it after seven or ten days.

Advantages of having a PayPal business account debit cards :

  • PayPal allows the user to have instant and immediate access to money and the user doesn’t have to wait for getting their money transferred. 
  • The PayPal business debit card can be used at any ATM all around the world. 
  • The user doesn’t have to pay any money to maintain this debit card as it is absolutely free of cost.
  • Stores having MasterCard logo accepts the payment from PayPal business debit card. This card can also be used for personal purchasing. 
  • If there is less amount in the user's PayPal account then also they can transfer money to the account is linked to the bank account
  • By using this debit card, users also get various offers for cash back. This can be availed when the user is purchasing anything and is paying with their PayPal account. 
  • Also, the user can avail zero liability facility of identity protection and can save their money from any theft.  

So, these are the methods that the user needs to undertake for obtaining the PayPal debit card for their use. All the details and credentials that the user are entering their PayPal account needs to be entered correctly so that there is no error while getting the debit card. Also, the user should utilize the debit card efficiently so that the user doesn’t get stuck in any problem while transferring or processing any online transactions.

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