How to Enable the Pop-up Blocker in Apple Safari

April 29, 2017

From the beginning, Pop-up windows have always been the annoying cause for the users.Some of the pop-ups also serve the purpose, in most modern browsers, there is a way to suppress pop-ups from appearing.Safari browser offers the facility to use the integrated pop-up blocker on both the Windows and Mac platforms including the several other devices such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Enable or disable the pop-up feature in a few simple steps:-

Apple Safari pop-up blocker Mac 

  • First users are required to tap the Safari in the browser menu, located at the top of the screen. 
  • Through the  drop-down menu that will appear, users are required to select “Preferences”
  • Users may access the following shortcut keys apart from tapping the menu choice: Command + Comma (,)
  • Now the users could see the Safari's “General Preferences” which should be now displayed, overlaying your browser window. 
  • Individual should now click the  “Security tab”
  • However, Safari's Security Preferences should now be displayed. 
  • Under the “Web content” section is an option that would be given as “Block pop-up windows” which has been accompanied by check box. 
  • In condition, when the checkbox is selected, then Safari's integrated pop-up blocker is currently enabled. 

Apple Safari pop-up blocker iOS 

  • First users need to start on their device's home screen through choosing the “Settings” icon. 
  • The iOS Settings menu should now be displayed and should scroll down until the users will see the choice labeled “Safari” 
  • Now the Safari's Settings screen should now be displayed. 
  • Now the option that has been labeled as Block Pop-ups, it is located in the General section, 
  • It can be enabled or disabled through choosing the  ON/OFF button which is typically disabled by default.

Apple Safari pop-up blocker Windows 

  • First users are required to tap the Gear icon that is located at the upper right-hand corner of your browser window. 
  • For the condition When the drop-down menu appears, users should locate the option that has been labeled as Block Pop-Up Windows. 
  • In the situation when a check mark is found to the left of this option, Safari's integrated pop-up blocker is currently active. 
  • However when pop ups would not be enabled, simply click on this option to complete the activation process.

For all those who need further help for the given issues and they are not satisfied through the solution of the given problem, users they may reach the customer support instantly.Tech support team is quite capable of resolving the technical issues.Experts would first listen to user's problem and then guide them with proper steps.


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