How to Delete Facebook Messages

May 25, 2018

How to delete Chat history or Facebook messages on FB?

This world is full of on the social networking websites like Facebook, Hangout, Skype, Twitter, Whatsapp, and much more. Facebook is one of the excellent social networking websites in order to share and store important quotes and other important images on the social websites. If you are using Google Chrome internet browser, you can instantly access your Facebook email account on your device and can simply perform the multiple tasks at a time.

How does it work?

The Facebook email account is quite simple to use and install on various devices easily. The users can download and install the apps of the Facebook email account on their devices with ease. It is so easy to manage by the users in terms of storing and sharing important data at any time. Additionally, the users can clear that facebook message from the chat history in case they want to delete it. If you have ever done the conversation with your clients on your chat box you can delete that if you feel like to delete it.

How to remove chat history on your Facebook permanently:

There are various ways helping you to delete the messages on Facebook email account easily. You need a bit technical assistance as well a complete knowledge in terms of resolving the problem within a short while. So if you are using your mobile device then you can delete the message but if you are using laptop device or PC you can select the messenger’s apps and website to delete the Facebook message with a perfect simple style.

How to delete Facebook messages?

In this content, you will learn maximum things related to the Facebook email account at the time of deleting Facebook messages, chat history, Messenger apps and much more. If you want to go to the delete chat history by using computer system you can go for that and you can make your Facebook email account fresh for all the time.

Get solution on how to delete Facebook chat history by using a computer as follows:

You may delete the message or can go for the clearing your history that does not remove the message from other people’s history. So in case you have sent an embarrassing message to anybody and want to delete that message from your chat history. Below guidance will help you easily to perform delete message procedure from the chat history:

  • You can delete the chat history message from your Google Chrome internet browser to open it now.
  • Enter the correct email address and password to sign on your device easily.
  • You can use the small gear icon and press next button and open a new menu.
  • Click the messages and select the messages thread that helps you to delete chat history by using a computer device.
  • Now select the delete conversation from that pop-up menu and press on the delete this entire chat history and press close button.

Get solution on how to permanently delete chat history as follows:

If you want to delete the message permanently from chat history and you want to clear the whole message from chat history.

Below mentioned steps are quite suitable in order to resolve the problem with ease.

  • Turn on your PC and visit and find out the conversation that you want to delete.
  • On the far right–hand side, press the name button and click the small gear icon to open a new menu.
  • Click the delete button option and click the delete button and press ask button to confirm that you have deleted everything or not.
  • You can locate the message that you want to be deleted and you can then see a small menu show up.
  • If you have selected the Facebook messages, that you sent them and you want to remove them, you can either take back up or look to the right way to select the message with ease.
  • Now click the small menu and then hit the delete button to delete the message permanently.

Get solution on how to use the messenger app to permanently delete Facebook chat history as follows:

This is one of the third useful ways to delete the facebook message permanently by using the messenger app. There are most of the users who generally encounter with the maximum issues while deleting the Facebook chat history on your social networking website with ease.

Let’s see how it works while deleting chat history for always.

  • First of all, open your laptop device and go to the start button.
  • Select the and enter the correct email address and password.
  • Go to the conversation option and hover over the message in the left column.
  • You can click the unnecessary message that you want to delete and then select them all.
  • Now you have to select delete message and press continue button.
  • You can enter the correct password to confirm and select the delete button at the end of the process.

Contact us if getting additional issues:

It is hoped that you have obtained the perfect advice in terms of deleting the full chat history from the messenger app and messenger website without wasting more time and energy. But in case, you find additional or new bugs while deleting the chat history on your Facebook account you can contact tech support executives who are available at every point of the time to provide all essential help at the nick point of time.

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