How to create email signature in MSN

March 18, 2017

MSN provides the facility to users to create a signature which is used at the end of the email message. The signature feature helps the receiver a detailed message having the sender’s information. Creating a signature will help the users to make their messages recognized and prevent to mention their details every time they compose the mail.

To create an email signature in MSN, users need to go through the given steps

  • To set up your signature, first, sign in to MSN

  • Click “Options” in the upper-right corner, select options or more options from the toolbar


  • Click the option of message font and signature underwriting email
  • Enter the desired signature and add any formatting or image as per the need under the option of personal signature
  • Select save after completing the steps

MSN doesn’t contain standard signature delimiter so users are required to compose the signature on their own and it won’t do it by itself.

The MSN customer service would be available for the users to provide them the suitable solution for their issues while creating the signature. It helps them to easily create the signature which could be used while sending an email. The support would be available by visiting the support page or by calling the support expert.

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