How To Close Hotmail and Outlook Email Account

March 17, 2017

The users of Hotmail and Outlook can also close their account when it is not in use or they face any issue with it. Although the Hotmail/Outlook account provides a good facility to users regarding the email services and lets them enjoy the services of Hotmail/Outlook. But it sometimes happens that the users seek to close the Hotmail/Outlook due to some reasons related to space, irresponsive of the Hotmail/Outlook or any other.It is required by the users to change the email addresses to alternate ones before deleting their account.

To delete the Hotmail/Outlook account, users need to go through these steps:-

  • Sign in to the outlook account and select the gear icon
  • From the given options select the option of ‘More mail settings’ after which following options will appear
  • Managing your account
  • Writing mail
  • Preventing junk mail
  • Customizing outlook
  • From the list select the option of ‘Managing your account’ after which you will be redirected to a new page displaying ‘Account Summary’ and ‘Password and security info’
  • Scroll down where you’ll find the option of ‘close account’
  • Before closing the account, outlook will request you to check ‘privacy and cookies’ statement
  • Finally, it will ask you to verify the account
  • In the end, it would be asked to deactivate the account after which it would be closed

While closing the account if there happens to be any issue like users lost the data, miss any file or any other issue then they need to contact the Hotmail customer service and get the immediate solution for their issues.

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