Google Map Street View On iPad Or iPhone

July 26, 2017

Street view is one of the recent launches of Google that have been gaining popularity at a very rapid pace. The service is now available in any of the mobile devices such as an Android phone or iPhone and iPad and even for any of the desktop or system.

Users can use their Street View with Google Maps and there is a simple process which can be followed by the users if they are unable to access its services on iPad. Support services are also available for such things from the best technicians in the market who have been specially trained for this purpose.

Users looking to get the details for the same will only need to move down the tutorial and then they will definitely get one stop solution for the issue. However, as we have first talked about the manual process so first all let us try to do the things manually steps for which is jotted down below.

Steps to get street view on Google Maps -iPad & iPhone:

Step 1: First of all download the Google maps from the apple store if not available and click on install and then wait for sometimes until the download process is completed.

Step 2: Users can now open their Google Maps app and then they can search for a place or simply drop a pin on the map. In order to drop pin users will need to simply touch and hold on the map.

Step 3: Users can now move down to the bottom of the page and from there they can tap the place name and address.

Step 4: Users will now need to scroll down and then they will simply need to select the photo which would be labeled as Street View or they can also select a Thumbnail which would be a street view icon.

Step 5: Finally when done then users can move to the top left and then they can simply tap back to get the task successfully executed.

Are you unable to get Street view on your Google Maps iPad & iPhone?

As it is a completely new process so users need not have to worry if they are not being able to follow the above-mentioned steps. Users can anytime contact the certified technicians by dialing the 24/7 Google support phone number and get instant solution to fix the underlying issue. The technicians use remote technical assistance to instantly resolve the users’ issues.


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