Google Duplex

June 20, 2018

Unheard about Google Duplex..!! Take a Glance to Know Further details of this unique Technology

Technology has to lead us towards the new era of human civilization. We are spending less time physically and more time digitally. Our digital life has become critical to our growth, connection as well as social presence. Digital presence has become the new normals. The technological corporation has seen a tremendous rise in their revenues and new waves of development is produced through Internet 2.0. Some technological corporation is way ahead of their peers in terms of innovation and development. One such company which is redefining the rules of the technological world especially related to Internet and Internet-related services is Google.

We all are aware of the Google. Google is one of the main and leading leaders in terms of providing various services to the Internet. It is the top search engines in the world which covers more than 70% of the market share of the Internet-related services. Millions of queries are done on almost every second by the user across the world.

Apart from that Google is known for providing a host range of services like email, cloud storage, web browser, play stores as well as host range of other services. It has technically become the powerhouse of the Internet search engine and massive data collecting centers. One such breakthrough innovation of Google is Google Duplex which is getting quite popular over time.

Define Google Duplex

  • Google Duplex is mainly an artificial intelligence based product which helps people in doing automated work on their behalf like placing a call to their relatives and making a reservation and so forth.
  • It mainly functions is like chatbot which is programmed to respond to the person-specific queries. It is designed to carry out certain human function in closed domains.
  • It’s basically the extension of the Google Assistance program which tills now help in resolving the queries and helping in finding the accurate results.
  • Google duplex and chatbots are increasingly becoming a critical part of our life as it helps in harnessing the power of data which is getting increased day by day and lots of information, patterns are formed which are further resulted in making diverse innovation and innovative products.
  • It’s an excellent example of how artificial Intelligence is becoming part of our day to day life and what could be the future in the age of artificial intelligence where everything will be automated.

What are the Functionalities of Google Duplex

Google duplex is designed to support multi-language apart from English. It can support more than 30 languages. It supports multifunction operation at the same time, the user can make a call as well as a book or manage any reservation as well as finding your daily basis routines operation and gives you the remainder at an appropriate time.

How Google Duplex exactly works

  • Google is mainly an AI-based application which provides a quick solution to the user queries. Every AI is based on certain programming related to the Neural Network.
  • Google duplex too is a recurrent neural network which is trained for having highly specialized tasks and uses automation speech recognition technology to interact with the user base. It's considered to be the small version of Google DeepMind. With the help of recurrent neural network, it process the information in contextual, sequential order in order to understandable to the machine language as well as helps in making the bridge between language modeling and speech recognition.

What is the Uniqueness of the Google Duplex

Duplex programming is based upon the advanced level programming which makes it a natural and effective. It’s AI system with much resemblances to the Google Assistant and Time Trade reserve make the interaction much more efficient by applying the patterns that people can’t easily recognize and applying customized resources and live conversation more efficient.

Who are the Best benefits holder of this technology

Google Duplex is designed in such a way that the benefits of this application will reach to the people across various domains, whether individuals, businessman, professionals, and others. The benefits of this application are that it helps in transdencing the language barriers and covers a lot of languages and even converts the language if you don’t understand. The best part about Google Duplex is Google asynchronous which can fulfill the request even going offline and reports you back going offline.

What’s the Future ahead of Google Duplex

Google Duplex has certainly opened a pandora box and a likely possibility for the new future. It will improve and enhances the efficiency of the new automated technology. It has lead towards the next level of technological development which will make our life more automated.

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