Gmail App Not Working On Android

April 5, 2018

Are you using the latest version of Gmail app? If not, open your browser and get it right away! It is very likely for the Gmail app to misbehave on Android phone or tablet if it is not updated to the latest version. If Gmail app not working on Android even after having the latest version, you are suggested to follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting options.

If Gmail app is not working, you might notice the following problems:

  • Can't send mail, or mail is stuck in send
  • Can't open or read mail
  • Not receiving or not loading new mail
  • Account not synced” error
  • The Gmail app is very slow
  • Inbox not updating
  • Not receiving notifications for new messages
  • Gmail isn’t syncing automatically

Steps to Fix Gmail App Not Working On Android 

Restart your Android device

Even though it is the oldest method of resolving the small functionality issues in Android phone or tablet, restarting the device could solve your problem permanently. Gmail engineers, via Gmail tech support number, ensure the reliability and authenticity of this method.

Clear Gmail Information

  • Open the [Home] screen of your Android device
  • Find and navigate the [Settings] icon
  • Open the [Apps] section and select [Gmail]
  • Now you are supposed to hit [Clear Data]
  • Restart your device

Clear Android Storage Space

Is Gmail app not working on Android? Your Android device is probably running out of storage space if you are having a problem in syncing the Gmail account. To clear some storage space, you can delete the less important folders and uninstall the less important files & folders. Also, delete those downloaded files which you don't need anymore.

Check Your Android Phone Settings

  • Turn off the airplane mode
  • Confirm whether you are online or not
  • Check your Android phone settings and Gmail sync settings are correct

Check Your Gmail Password is Correct

Open Gmail on your Android phone and enter your login credentials. Are you getting any of these messages – invalid credentials or username and password not accepted? Or asked to enter your username and password again and again? As per Gmail tech support, you are in the safe zone if you are using the 2-Step Verification. In this regard, you will need to sign in using an app password instead of your regular password.

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