Get back hacked Gmail account

May 24, 2017

Gmail – is most widely used to send and receive the mail worldwide as the technology is growing so are the complications are at times nowadays it is a common concern that the accounts are getting hacked for various reasons but there is a problem, there are solutions too.

How to get back the Gmail account once hacked –

  • First and foremost go to the Google login page and hit needs help.
  • It will take the user to the account recovery page from the options click on I don’t know my password then enter the Gmail id and hit continue.
  • Now you will be asked to fill the form and click continue it will ask the user to enter the password last used or one can simply click on I don’t know
  • On this page click on verify your identity – now you have to do so by answering the multiple questions.
  • Now the user has to try the questions as accurately as possible this is very crucial. Although the user can opt to skip the questions however the user should not do that, in case if the user does not remember exactly than one can take the guess or seek help by checking the previous messages.
  • If the answers match with the information on the account then you can rest the password or in case it doesn’t the user will be informed at that point in time, however, the user will be given the option to submit the same the second time.

It is always advisable to keep the password which is not easy to guess and should not be disclosed at any point in time, even if the problem persists one has to look for a help through Gmail tech support can be through the phone call by calling the helpline number to get the expert advice.

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