May 31, 2017

If you are not getting any WordPress notification or if you can’t access gravity forum for sending emails then no need to worry. Here we will provide you the complete solution in an easy way. First, let’s discuss why this problem occurs.

  • Check your WordPress hosting server, whether it is connected with the PHP mail function or not. If not then configure WordPress hosting server with PHP mail function.
  • Sometimes the WordPress email takes a long time or even it can’t reach the destination. This problem is due to PHP mail, so we recommend to use SMTP service provider to send the emails from WordPress as it increases the chances of reaching email at the destinations.

Steps to fix the issue "WordPress not sending email"

  • While accessing emails from WordPress, be sure that service provider should be SMTP.
  • There are multiple SMTP services, but we recommend to choose either ‘Mailgun’ or ‘Gmail’.

Mailgun is a paid email service provider, you can send a large number of emails from the website, It is easy to install and access. It gives a better chance for emails deliverability.

  • Mailgun set up: First you need to add sub-domain on your WordPress website domain. After adding the sub-domain, you will see a page will appear and showing Add DNS record.
  • Go to the cPanel and click on ‘Advanced DNS Zone Editor’. Here you will be asked to choose a domain, select the root domain and add new DNS.
  • Fill the TXT entry details and repeat the same.
  • If all done, then again go to the cPanel and click MX Entry and add the same.
  • Now you are all set, but mailgun takes some time as it will verify your DNS record in your domain.
  • Gmail SMTP: It is best for an individual and for few users. It featured ‘OAuth Authentication’. The protocol used are accurate and provide high-class security. The simple Gmail is less secure as the password inserted in WordPress will be visible to all admin users, so we recommend to use ‘O Auth process’. The setup is also very easy,

The WordPress technical support is the best feature provided by the WordPress, it consists a dedicated team and they solve the various issues of the user in an effective way.


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