Fix Google Play Store Error 924

April 11, 2018

Google play store error 924 occurs when a Goole Play user tries to download big applications. The application may download but this message still displays on the screen. The reason behind the appearance of this error is the absence of smooth network connection. However, this is extremely easy to solve this error in Google Play. You can also take professional help for the same.

5 Way to Fix Google Play Store Error 924

You have 5 mechanisms via which you can do this:

Check your internet connection

This is the initial thing that you are needed to do. You must check your internet connection, particularly Wi-Fi as no one wishes to update application making use of cellular data. For making sure that it is sufficiently fast, you can go through a speed test. If this speed test shows that it is very slow then the reason might be Google Play Store Error 924.

Clear Google play data plus cache

For doing this method you must follow steps like:

  • Clearing Google Play Store Data and Uninstalling Updates for fixing error code 924
  • Go to settings >> swipe left to view"All" (apps list)
  • After doing this, scroll down and select "Google play store" app and tap on it
  • You can clear the data and cache of the app
  • Now open Google Play and try to download/update the app or game

Even if doesn’t work then you can do one more thing.

Uninstall Google Play Store Updates

  • Go to Settings >> Apps >>swipe left to view"All" (apps list) 
  • Scroll down and select "Google Play Store"
  • Select "Uninstall Updates"
  • Now open Google Play store and try to download/update the app or game

Removing and re-adding Google (Gmail) account

This is also one of the most effective fixes for Google Play related errors.

  • Go to Settings >> Accounts >> select “Google
  • Tap on your main Gmail address
  • Press menu key or the three dotted icons on top right
  • Select “Remove account” >> Confirm
  • Now again go to accounts >> select “add account” 
  • Select “Google” >> Existing 
  • Simply add back your Gmail account 
  • Open Google Play and download/update your app.

Perform a factory reset

If, by chance, the above couple of methods do not stop error 924 from happening then the only process to fix this problem is to reset your device.

Dependent on the model of your phone, you can do a factory reset. You should permit your device to reboot and try updating or downloading applications again. Mostly, you will not experience this error anymore. Nonetheless, you need to take backup of all matters before performing a factory setting.

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