Fix a Blue Screen of Death

June 20, 2018

How to Fix a Blue Screen of Death

We all are living in the world which is highly dominated by technology whether its hardware or software. They have become an integral part of our life. It helps in providing various types of service to their customer. But the pace at which the software industry has grown is astonishing. These days software plays a huge role in our life and has become a multibillion-dollar industry where billions of dollar are revenue is generated and employ millions of people. With advancement in time, the software industry has grown exponentially. But one company which has really write the rules of this industry is Microsoft through its unique product Windows.

We all are aware of the windows, in case if we ever have used the personal computers. It is one of the products which has completely revolutionized the software industry and impacted both our personal and professional world. Its popularity can be access from that it figures in a top leading software product in the world. The main reason behind the popularity of the windows may be due to its simplicity, easy to use interface and Graphical user interface.

Windows software product is the simplest one and used by even naysayer with simple training. That’s led to the huge demand for their personal computer across the world. But despite all its advantages and the best features, a user does face issue while using the windows software. One of the common problem user face while working on the windows software product is the Blue screen of death.

The user can take the assistance from the technical support to fix it but only a few know about the blue screen of death. The blue screen appears at the time of upgrading to a new version of the OS. But the problem with them is that a blue screen appears with a sad face with not enough information to tell you what’s the problem is. 

Fix a Blue Screen of Death by following steps:-

  • In case, if you just have downloaded the new program or a piece of hardware then undo the change and test again to stop Error.
  • Now make sure to start up using last known good configuration to undo the recent registry and driver changes.
  • Further again Roll Back the device driver to prior version in order to make a driver update.
  • Now try Uninstalling any unnecessary apps or piece of software by opening up the settings and then going to a system and click on the Apps and feature.
  • The further click on the Uninstall button.
  • Then check whether the issue arises due to the space issue, whether there is enough space left on the drive windows or due to damage setup files.
  • In order to fix the problem, the user needs to open the start button.
  • Then click on the Disk Cleanup and click on the results.
  • Choose the windows drive C;/and then click ok.
  • Now click on the cleanup system files to clean it.
  • The user needs to search for the viruses as some malicious virus cause a blue screen of death by affecting the boot sector.
  • In case, if there is a virus try to remove it with antivirus programs.
  • Make sure to check or the latest updates as most windows updated version contain the solution to the problem of BSOD.
  • Go to the system and Application logs in event viewer for errors and warning which might give you a details analysis about the cause of the problem.
  • In order to fix the problem make sure to put the BIOS settings to the default levels. Any type of error produced due to overclocked or misconfigured BIOS can cause a random issue.
  • Check whether all the internal cables, cards, and other components are installed properly. In case, then such a situation can cause the blue screen of death.
  • So, if there is then it’s better to reset all the internal data and power cables.
  • It's always preferred that user must check their BIOS compatibility and replace with the newer version of BIOS in order to remove the blue screen of the issue.
  • The best possible solution is to start the Personal computer with only essential hardware system such as motherboard, CPU and RAM, hard drive, keyboard and then run the operating system.

In case, if the problem still persists then it's better to take the assistance from the windows customer support team. They provide excellent customer services to the customer as they are well versed in their domain and have tons of experience to fix any types of problem in immediate time.

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