Fanfiction Archive with WordPress

August 16, 2017

If you are Fanfiction lover and if you do enjoy writing it then this is the perfect place to be at. Here you can easily be offered with one stop solution for the underlying issue or error. As adding Fanfiction as the normal site just acts as a normal site and it becomes a difficult task if users are willing to showcase the same on their site.

By going through this article one will get an easy or user-friendly understanding to create a Fanfiction Archive with WordPress. Users should not be let down if they are not getting the below-mentioned tutorial as there is an easy alternative available for such users too. Just move to the last section of the tutorial to get your issue or query sorted. Other users looking for the manual procedure can move down the tutorial to get the effective step by step procedure.

Steps to create a Fanfiction Archive with WordPress

Step 1: First of all users need to ensure that they have installed and activated the plugin named WriteShare on their system.

Step 2: When activated then users can simply visit WriteShare and then move on to the Settings section so that the settings have been configured effectively.

Step 3: When the settings have landed then users can allow the users to register on their site so that they can write the Fanfiction.

Step 4: Users will now need to check on Writer Privileges check box so that all those who have been writing can be made as the author and if you don’t want then simply uncheck it.

Step 5: Users will now be required to select Writing content type option from Fanfic so that users get the option to write some of the other content types.

Step 6: Users can now set the taxonomy as customizable one so that all the items can be efficiently organized.

Step 7: Finally users can click on Save Changes to ensure that all the changes that you have made have been effectively saved.

We hope this blog helped you learn how to create fanfiction archive and your own online fanfiction community in WordPress. You may also want to see our ultimate WordPress support for beginners.

Are you unable to create a Fanfiction archive with WordPress?

Following the step by step procedure may not get into the entire user's mind. They may be looking for someone who can offer easy assistance for such issue or query. If that is so then this section should solve your problem. There is someone available all the time so that they can offer a solution to the issue on an instant basis. These people are none other than the Wordpress certified technicians and users can anytime seek assistance from them by dialing the 24/7 WordPress support toll-free phone number.

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