Factory Reset Windows PC, Laptop, Tablet

January 16, 2018

The latest functionality that makes an innovative effect to repair and reset the PC, laptop or a tablet.The Factory services proved to be an exceptional state so to give the better performance to the user.

The recovery process is the main mechanism in which a factory plays a vital role in maintaining the identity of that gadget either laptop or tablet. If user faces an issue related to the files that are hacked through viruses and Trojans, forgetting of the passwords, or any thin layered such as a sensitive information can able to get recovered with the help of factory supportive team of experts.

Factory Reset Windows PC, Laptop, Tablet or Android Phone

Resetting Windows 10

  • Clicking the Notifications icon in the taskbar or pressing the windows button + A
  • Then click “All settings.
  • Click “Update & Security,” then click “Recovery.”
  • Reset this PC” is what we’re looking for next.
  • Click “Get started” to begin the process.
  • Now select one option “Keep my files” and “Remove everything,” 
  • Click “Reset” to proceed.

How to restore a Windows 8 laptop or PC to factory default settings?

  • Please move the mouse to the bottom right corner to initialize the charm bar
  • Click "Settings".
  • Click "Change PC settings".
  • Click [General] then select [Remove everything and reinstall Windows].
  • Click [Get started].

         NOTE:- If the operating system is "Windows 8.1", please click "Update and recovery", then select [Remove everything and reinstall Windows].

  • Click [Next].
  • Select the drives which you want to remove.
  • Select the proper options to clean your drive.
  • Click "Reset" to reset your PC.

How to Factory Reset Android Phone and Tablet in Normal Way

  • First, open Settings app on the phone and tablet
  • Scroll down and click 'Backup and Reset' option.
  • Select 'Factory data reset' 
  • Tap 'RESET DEVICE' at the bottom.

Resetting the Laptop

  • Startup or reboot your laptop
  • During the startup process, press the appropriate F key or key combination.In most cases, the key will be F11.
    Acer – Alt + F10
    Asus – F9
    Dell/Alienware – F8
    HP – F11
    Lenovo – F11
    MSI – F3
    Samsung – F4
    Sony – F10
  • If the above key doesn't work you get a message on the screen during startup which might indicate how to start the recovery process.

The professionals of the particular team are so much energetic and skillful as they can operate the PC and the tablet with ease and the recovery can take place with great effectiveness. The divergence of the help is provided at the higher end and this makes an impressive approach to recover and reset the PC.The factory uses a straightforward approach to update the windows PC and thus they reset the PC and update and security is given to the computer while updating.The laptop recovery can take place with a newer technology that is an operating system.

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