Facebook Change or Reset Password

June 9, 2017

Connect to Facebook for staying connected with friends & family online. It is a social networking site where the user can share photos, post comments, play games, chat online, link to news and much more stuff. Strong account security is the feature of Facebook with customizable privacy settings. Create a new account and start adding your friends to share comments and live videos.

While using the Facebook account user faces the problem of lost account password. New users face the problem often if the account details are not saved correctly for account access. The user can retrieve the account password in the registered email address through password reset steps. Also if the user doesn't have access to the email account then also user can retrieve or reset the account password. In the case of any problem in Facebook password recovery contact the Facebook technical support team for assistance.

Steps to retrieve Facebook account password

  • Go to the Facebook login page and click ‘Forgot your account? Or Can’t log in?’.

             This method will explain and illustrate each step of:
             Facebook Settings>Password>Edit>Save Changes

  • To identify the account fill the displayed form.
  • In the next page select ‘I forgot my account’.
  • List of email addresses will be displayed. Select the user email address for the account and account details for login will be sent to the registered email account.
  • In the case of user don’t have access to any email address click ‘No longer have access to these?’.
  • Now follow the instructions to answer the security questions or also get help from Facebook friends to prove the user access. Also one can contact email service provider.
  • Once the user has access to the account then change the Facebook account password from account settings.

Facing any kind of trouble in the Facebook password reset? Contact the Facebook support experts for assistance. Support team will provide necessary steps for account reset and also will help to solve other account related troubles. There are instances when the user get stuck with account troubles and is not able to proceed further. Get the job done at instance now with assistance from support experts over the helpline number.

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