Facebook Account Suspended or Disabled

May 2, 2018

Get 15 Reasons Why Your Facebook Account may be Suspended or Disabled!

Facebook is a social networking site which can be used by many users in all over the world.With the help of Facebook user can connect their dear ones by posting some new ideas, by uploading images or videos.Although Facebook provides security to its user if it finds some misbehaving with the account then it can disable or block the user account.

There can be so many reasons why Facebook disable someone account so that user need to be more careful from using Facebook.If you are using Facebook for business purpose then we are giving you advice that you must have to create an account on other networking sites such as Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and so on so it will be beneficial at that time when your Facebook account is not working due to some reasons.

In this article, we are describing some issues why your Facebook account may be disabled or suspended.You need a look at these steps:

Reason 1: By using a fake name

If you are creating an account on Facebook then you must have to use your real name.If in case you are using a fake name then it should like a normal name.If you use any object as a name then facebook do not recognize it or may suspend your account.

Reason 2: Sending a friend request to many friends

If you do not know a person but you still send a friend request to that person so many times then you might get into trouble.facebook apply some limit for sending a request which you can send daily if you cross that limit then you will get a warning message.If still, you proceed then you may come into the dangerous mode.If you send a request and you may report as well then it will not good for you.

Reason 3: Posting unnecessary thing on walls

If you are posting something unnecessary which are not relevant then facebook feel that you are a bot and it should you kick out.Your account may be banned.This work automatically as Facebook has already applied some security so you need to be more careful about sending something on walls otherwise your account may be disabled.

Reason 4: When you update some annoying pictures

If you post something offensive then you may be blocked by Facebook because your images still may be public so it is not right to do so.

Reason 5: Spamming

If you post some replicated text then Facebook consider it as spamming and facebook banned you for posting you something irrelevant.

Reason 6: Poke

If you poke a person too much without getting any reply from their side then facebook blocks you.

Reason 7: Irrelevant site 

If you are using some application on Facebook then because of this application, your account can be on Potential risk.Because some irrelevant site can affect your account and you may get the virus into your account that’s why your Facebook account may be banned.

Reason 8: Liking so many Fan pages

Facebook has created some limit to like some pages.If you exceed this limit then you will get a warning message.If you ignore this message then your account may get into trouble.

Reason 9: Suspicious payment information

If you pay for buying something on facebook but your credit details are different from Facebook username then your account may be disabled by Facebook because you are not using a real name.

Reason 10: More than one account's

If you are using more than one account's with the name then Facebook gets some duplication with your account.At that time it decides to delete your account.

Reason 11: Affiliation with a Doubtful Organization or Page

When you get affiliation from unauthorized organization r page the facebook finds risk in your account then it can be banned your account.

Reason 12: Created profile for pets

Facebook allows user for creating a profile only for humans when it finds that you have created some profile for pets like dogs, cats then Facebook will not overlook that and it can be disabled.

Reason 13: Wrong date of birth

If you are using the wrong date of birth which is not in use then it will not proceed your account.

Reason 14: Post copyright material

When you post some duplicate materials on your walls then it finds some copyright material so it can block your account.

Reason 15: Reported by so many people

If you get reported by so many people then only your account may be blocked because Facebook finds that your account is using by someone or you are not using your account in a proper way.

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