Chrome is Not Saving Passwords

June 20, 2018

If Chrome is not saving password click here to fix it

There are many benefits of having Google account in chrome. One of those benefits is that it enables to save and auto-fill passwords for related websites. This saves a lot of time and effort for the user. But all is not good. Some still face the issue of Google Chrome is somehow not saving passwords. Now the question is what is wrong with Chrome Password manager? Not even Chrome saved passwords are not auto-filled in sites. Why so?

With Google Chrome it is an abnormal case that it is not able to remember passwords for any website on computers running on different windows versions like Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista or macOS X/Sierra/High Sierra, or Android, or iPhone. But you should know that there are several potential reasons why this could happen. If you are still not sure which is the main reason for this issue, you can check out the following.

  • Your Google account is not able to properly sync with Google server.
  • This may happen because of an unexpected glitch, especially if there was a recent software update.
  • The Your network connection may be too slow to send or receive information from/to Google.

5 ways to fix for Windows/Mac and Android/iPhone not saving password

Step 1:- You can re-login your Google Account

  • If there is a problem with Chrome having trouble syncing with your account, then you can quickly fix this by signing out and then signing in back to Google account.
  • If you are Windows/Mac user, then go to "┆" and then click the "Sign Out" button there which you can see behind your account. After that, log in your account.
  • If you are an Android/iPhone user, then go to "┆" > "Settings". After that tap on your account and select "Remove account from this device" which is at the bottom.
  • Now, click "REMOVE". You should not forget to log in after that.

Step 2:- Try resetting sync

  • This is another possible and workable solution. In this, you can reset your syncing data. However, you should note that this attempt will not delete you present saved passwords or something.
  • You can reset syncing data by clicking the link "" to redirect to the Sync page on both desktop and mobile.
  • After that, you can scroll down to the "RESET SYNC" button. Now you can sign back into Chrome to start syncing again.

Step 3:- Manage passwords in Google

  • In this solution first, you should go to the "Manage passwords" page in Chrome.
  • You can go to Win/Mac: "┆" > "Settings" > "Advanced" or Mobile: "┆" > "Settings" > "Save Passwords".
  • Now you need to ensure "Auto Sign-in"/"Save Passwords" has been toggled on currently.

Step 4:- You can reset chrome settings

  • If you want to reset Chrome settings to original defaults then this is a good idea which you can try. But you should note that this is only applicable to Windows and Mac. You can follow below path to reset settings in Chrome.
  • Win/Mac: First Open "┆" > "Settings" > "Advanced" and scroll down to the bottom.
  • Then, click "Reset" and continue with "RESET".

Step 5:- You can clear browsing data

If you want to try this option then again it is a good solution to try. When there is too much cache then it leads to annoying problems. Sometimes, it may get wrong with Chrome password manager also. So you should try to clear up browsing cache in computers or mobile phones. You can follow below steps to do this:

  • If you have Windows/Mac then go to "┆" > "More tools" > "Clear browsing data".
  • If you have Android/iPhone then go to "┆" > "History" > "Clear Browsing Data".

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