Change, Recover GMX Mail Password

April 30, 2018

Steps To Change, Recover GMX Mail Password

Password change after every specific gap is crucial for you if you are bothered about your account security. However, there is a difference in between GMX Mail password change and recovering a password. Recovering an email account password is harder. It is no doubt a challenging job for us to remember all the account passwords if we have multiple email accounts.

If forgotten, you can get your GMX password back if you make the use of your secondary email address. Furthermore, free email services have been popular choices among the hackers. In the next section, we will be discussing the steps of GMX Mail password recovery. Eventually, we will discuss the steps of password change.

How to recover GMX Mail password?

  • Open GMX
  • Enter your GMX Mail email address now
  • A group of CAPTCHA CHARACTERS will appear
  • You need to type those characters under VERIFICATION
  • Click on CONTINUE if you have configured a secondary email address
  • Go to the VIA CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS section and click on the CONTINUE icon
  • You will receive an email with a REQUESTED PASSWORD LINK; click on that link
  • It will give you essential password recovery instructions
  • Here you will be prompted to answer your security question
  • Click SUBMIT, and you will get the chance to type your desired new GMX Mail password
  • Re-enter the new password and save the changes

How to change GMX Mail password?

  • Open the HOME window of your GMX mail screen
  • Go to the left section; select MY ACCOUNT
  • Also, select the SECURITY OPTIONS from the left section
  • Navigate the PASSWORD window
  • It will allow you to change your current password
  • Type your current password in two of the appeared boxes
  • Confirm the new password by clicking the SAVE CHANGES icon
  • Congratulations! You have successfully changed your GMX mail password

Make the new password at least eight characters long. If you access your GMX mail or using another mail app, do change the password on that app too. However, you are urged to use two different passwords for two different email services. Do not use the same password on any other website, for any other reason. To clarify any further query, you can dial GMX Mail phone number and have used words with the technical support engineers. Backed by their experience, they are committed to helping you as well as other users in the best possible ways.

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