Block Pop Ups in UC Browser

September 20, 2017

Get details for the process of blocking the Pop-Ups in UC Browser !!

Whenever the users are accessing the UC Browser there are times when Pop-Ups come in between and creates a problem for the users in their working. But, with web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser the users can easily fix this issue by just blocking it.

The blocking of Pop-Ups on UC Browsers is a simple process but the users should keep in mind to follow each and every step very correctly so that the blocking process is completed totally. O, for UC Browser the blocking of Pop-Ups is not an individual setting but instead, the ad-block setting works for it and blocks the Pop-Ups.

To Block pop-ups in Android UC Browser

Therefore, to block the Pop-Ups in UC Browser in any android device the users should follow the below-mentioned method :

  • First of all the users are supposed to open the UC Browser on their Android devices.
  • Then, after that, the users are needed to go to the settings option that is mentioned on the bottom of the UC Browser option.
  • Select on Adblock option and from there select on the Ad-block on option.

To Block pop-ups in iPhone UC Browser

Besides, if the users are using iPhone then also they can use the same method for blocking the Pop-Ups in the UC Browser. The steps should be followed in the correct way so that no issue is further faced by the users.

  • First Open UC Browser.
  • Then Go to Settings from the quick menu on the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on Adblock.
  • Toggle Adblock on.

If by chance the users are facing any issue or are having any confusion regarding the blocking of the Pop-Ups in the UC Browser then the users may simply contact the UC Browser Technical Support Team and can get in touch with them. 



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