Back Lost iCloud Contacts on iPhone

May 19 , 17

Losing a contact from the iPhone can be annoying. Losing more or all contacts can be directly debilitating, for now, to express it a bit exaggerated. Nevertheless, it is difficult to try to find out who you’ve lo...


Google Maps on iPhone and iPad

Jul 12 , 17

If you are an iPhone or the iPad user then you will get the access to a number of alluring features that it provides to the users to make their life easy.It also provides the facility of the Google maps...


Google Map Street View On iPad Or iPhone

Jul 26 , 17

Street view is one of the recent launches of Google that have been gaining popularity at a very rapid pace. The service is now available in any of the mobile devices such as an Android phone or iPhone and iPad...


Download Google Maps on Iphone

Jul 26 , 17

Google maps are really beneficial and are helpful in terms of providing the correct location to its users. With the help of Google maps the users can easily get the correct location for their destination with the prope...


Add Touchscreen Home Button on iPhone, iPad

Sep 12 , 17

There is a number of a communication device which has been launched but iPhone is the modified and improvised communication device among all of them.A number of iPhone models are there which has been launched in the ma...


Record iPhone Calls for Free

Sep 18 , 17

If you have an Android smartphone then you would be aware of the fact that one can easily record the calls from that mobile. But if you have an iPhone then we know how hard it would be for you for recording the calls o...


Restore iTunes Music on your iPhone

Nov 24 , 17

Apple device user gets the best facility of iTunes with the use of which they can get all types of music and songs on their device. Itunes is basically a  default storage space for songs and multimedia available o...


Why My iPhone not Connect to iTunes

Nov 29 , 17

Itunes is basically the app store for all the users of the iPhone. So this is the store or you can say the library for the users of the iPhone from where they can download their favorite music and could create their ow...


iTunes not Detecting iPhone

Nov 30 , 17

The number of user for iPhone has increased rapidly. iPhone users are required to create an account on iTunes to use various features of iPhone like music download. However, the process to create an account on iTunes is easy but many times users f...


Create an Apple ID on iPhone or iPad

Jan 19 , 18

Apple device always remains quite secure with the Apple ID and password. Actually, your Apple ID is an account which is used to access Apple services like Apple store, Apple music, iTunes, FaceTime, iCloud, iMe...


Delete a Gmail Account on iPhone

Feb 17 , 18

Google account or Gmail account is the most used email account of today’s time. Gmail account can be used from the web and also from mobile devices by its Gmail application. Gmail is one of the most user-friendly and the best product...


Fix Gmail Not working on iPhone and iPad

Apr 09 , 18

We all love sending emails to our dear one whether its relative, friends and professional peers. It allows us to remained in touch with them as well as helped us in sharing exchange of greeting and messages. It’s...


Set Up Gmail on an iPhone

Apr 11 , 18

Gmail account is compatible with every device be it any android mobile device or any ios devices. For accessing Gmail account on mobile phones there are methods that should be undertaken so as to make the configuration...


7 Ways to Fix iPhone GPS Not Working

May 13 , 19

iPhone GPS issue can be caused by software problem, you can try to soft reset iPhone to fix this problem. To soft reset iPhone: Press and hold power button and the home button at the same time, keep holding them until the Apple logo appears. Relea...