Change and Reset an Amazon Password

November 9, 2017

The user should voluntary need to change the password on a frequent basis to avoid chaos by internet hackers. Reset password is done when user forgot Amazon password. It is a quite innocent nightmare which user experience which becomes a hindrance in accessing account. In order to change and reset password in an error-free manner, the user can look at the set of instructions which are pretty simple to be performed in a remarkable manner

How to change Amazon Password?

Change password of Amazon in an impeccable way

  • Now user to click top right corner Account and Lists
  • Click on Sign in button
  • User is required to enter email or phone number and then enter password
  • Your Account Is The Link You Find Under “Hello, Your Name”
  • Change account settings is a link you will see when you scroll down to your account page.
  • Furthermore, the user is required to hit click on edit option in front of the password.
  • The user is required to enter the current password and new password twice.
  • Once the uncrackable password has been confirmed, user is required to hit click on save option to apply changes in perfect manner

Few points that need to be kept in mind while changing the password.

  • Make sure password should be original and not repetitive
  • Make sure password is complex enough in nature
  • Never user easy to guess phrases as password
  • It is advisable to change password frequently to successfully manage account

How to Reset Amazon Password?

Step by step solution to Reset password of Amazon

  • User is required to launch web browser
  • Now user is required to enter Amazon website address in address bar
  • Once done, press enter key
  • User will be redirected to sign in page
  • User is required to make attempt to sign in with Amazon by entering email address
  • On the present screen. User will be asked question  do u have password, user is required to hit click on option and furthermore, hit click on forgot password option available beneath the above-stated option
  • User will be redirected to Amazon password assistance page
  • User is required to accurately enter email address along with captcha code or the image which appear on screen
  • Once done, user is required to hit click on continue option
  • Moreover, user will receive email notification and instructions in order to reset password in a trouble-free manner
  • The user is required to visit email service and log in with it.
  • User is required to hit click on blue link that appears on screen
  • Furthermore, user will be redirected to reset page where user can hit click on option labeled as new password and share strong and novel password
  • Moreover, user is required to re-enter the same password for confirmation
  • Once done, user is required to hit click on save option


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